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Our Mission

Our mission is being a healthy ‘cell’ company for the benefit of patients, clients, companies with which we collaborate, our personnel and for society in general, as to provide physicians, patients, pharmacists and healthcare organizations, products and services of high quality.

Our Philosophy

The treatment, according to the concepts of Hippocrates, is used to reinforce the healing power of nature (“νούσων φύσιες ιητροί”). In particular, the pharmaceutical perceptions are summarized in lapidary sentence:

«Aσκείν περί τα νουσήματα δύο, ωφελέειν ή μη βλάπτειν»

In conclusion Hippocrates, claims that the medicines should benefit, or at least not to cause damage to the patient.

Our Values

Our values for 2CAREPLUS key priority is the care for the patient while also respecting its economic requirements.

Our collaboration with customers and partners is based on honesty and mutual support. The quality system is not simply a management system, but it is a system of philosophy and principles that guide all business functions, supporting all staff regardless of the industry and location.

  • The ethical – trade system must be guaranteed, beyond the strict enforcement of laws and regulations, by internal management and corporate behavior, methods and above all, the training and preparation that is the result of our operating system.
  • The acquired knowledge and creativity are the key resources of the 2CAREPLUS, which lead to innovation, to the continuous improvement and support for enterprise modernization.
  • Each enterprise policy must take into account the social and environmental protection.

Together for a healthier world

In 2CAREPLUS, we recur to science to improve the health and the well-being of the patient at all times of his life. We develop our products with a commitment to establish standards of quality, safety and value in the discovery, development and manufacture of medicine to satisfy all the needs of our patients.

Responsibility & consistency

For all of us of the pharmaceutical company 2CAREPLUS, the continuous effort to improve the health of the people, is an integral part of our business, not only in the form of research and development, but also through the concrete support of the quality of life. “Mission and the commitment of our employees is to work in a constructive way with health care professionals, so that every patient can have immediate access to and proper treatment with innovative products from our research.”

The Products

With a solid presence in the field of medicine, we propose a number of prescription products, thus providing a series of therapeutic solutions, for a wide range of diseases.

In this area you can find a list of our products that are available at the moment, information on each package as operating instructions and the complete prescribing practices, as approved by the competent authorities (EMA).

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